Leading ICT Support

Our Brisbane based 3 tier technical support stops valuable employees spending time on unproductive IT tasks.  The will assist you and your colleagues with any problems they are having with their devices.  Whether it's their workstation, server, mobile phone, tablet, printers, desk phone, scanner.  Our team will take ownership of the problem and see it through to a solution.

Our lowest service category (Silver) has a response time half that of others in the industry whilst our highest offering (Diamond) offers a guaranteed staggering 15 minute response time to any critical issue.  We encourage you to compare us to what else is out there.

Response Time Support Hours
CAT1 2 Hours 9am-5pm
CAT2 8 Hours 9am-5pm
CAT3 12 Hours 9am-5pm
Response Time Support Hours
CAT1 1 Hours 7am-7pm
CAT2 4 Hours 7am-7pm
CAT3 8 Hours 7am-7pm
Response Time Support Hours
CAT1 15 Minutes 24 Hours
CAT2 2 Hours 7am-7pm
CAT3 4 Hours 7am-7pm

CPR IT Services uses Teamviewer to remotely access our customers' computer. Please Download and run the Teamviewer Quick Support Agent and then call us on 07 3185 1337. They will take down the ID and password displayed on your screen and will immediately provide you with the assistance you require.