We can add value to your business

At CPR IT, we focus on providing the most effective solution for your business’ needs and budget.

We are experts in our field and typically charge less than you are probably paying the staff member who’s doing your IT support/management at the moment.

  Smart Administration

Administration describes changes to how ICT systems operate. This includes things like configuring a new user, setting up a new workstation, setting up new telephone handsets and programming advanced voicemail functions.

We proactively Administer our clients’ software and hardware. We warn you when critical hardware infrastructure is approaching the end of its reliable life and provide alternatives for its replacement. We monitor your software licenses to help you ensure that you do not exceed your legal allocation and will go through the licensing purchase process for you. This Smart approach to ICT Administration means you’ll never have to worry about whether you are using legal software or if your hardware is about to fail due to age.

 Flexible ICT Management

Management involves monitoring and assessing patches and major revisions to ensure your software runs as reliably as possible. This includes monitoring and documenting client hardware devices and software license information.

We proactively Manage our clients’ software and hardware needs. We keep records of your critical hardware infrastructure (Serial Number, Purchase Date, Warranty Information) and Software Licenses (License Number and Usage Conditions). Our management service is flexible enough to record any and all changes to your critical software and hardware assets.

1 Leading ICT Support

Our Brisbane based 3 tier technical support stops valuable employees spending time on unproductive IT tasks. The will assist you and your colleagues with any problems they are having with their devices. Whether it’s their workstation, server, mobile phone, tablet, printers, desk phone, scanner. Our team will take ownership of the problem and see it through to a solution.

Our lowest service category (Silver) has a response time half that of others in the industry whilst our highest offering (Diamond) offers a guaranteed staggering 15 minute response time to any critical issue. We encourage you to compare us to what else is out there.


Response Time Support Hours
CAT1 2 Hours 9am-5pm
CAT2 8 Hours 9am-5pm
CAT3 12 Hours 9am-5pm
Response Time Support Hours
CAT1 1 Hours 7am-7pm
CAT2 4 Hours 7am-7pm
CAT3 8 Hours 7am-7pm
Response Time Support Hours
CAT1 15 Minutes 24 Hours
CAT2 2 Hours 7am-7pm
CAT3 4 Hours 7am-7pm