Our Core Values

There is no waiting on hold or waiting for the next business day for your problem to be assessed. Our technicians pride themselves on customer service and strive to resolve issues in a timely manner.
When something goes wrong, redundancy provides business continuity which is key to keeping any business working. Rest assured knowing that CPR IT will keep you online and able to trade.
We implement coverage on major systems to protect against everything up to and including catastrophic failure. Your data is your business and we will protect it with all available technologies and protocols.

About CPR IT

Created from a merger of Protech and SCTech in 2013, CPR IT's staff have more than a decade each of providing the SME space with solutions and services. It’s founders Rob Lobley and Shawn Coyne are Leading a shift to a best of both worlds methodology, which offers you Flexible, high quality service, with Smart systems to deliver the speed and value that you seek. All our staff are highly technical in their field, there’s no call center to prevent you from talking to truly technical personnel. Our focus at CPR IT is to partner with your business. Rather than just providing the equipment, we can tailor the hardware and software provided to facilitate growth in your business. Our goal is to have a relationship that is more than simply client and provider. We do this by providing strategic business advice regarding technology and information flow tailored specifically to your business. Our knowledge is our strength and the most valuable resource we provide to our clients. We encourage our clients to query us about any aspect of their business so that we can suggest ICT solutions.


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